Saturday, June 27, 2009


Everyone is in shock over the news that Prabudeva and Nayantara have eloped and got married. This piece of rumor has left media, fans in shock!! Really, this is turning to be the worst amongst all of affairs. Prabudeva, father of three children (Recently one passed away) is in love with Nayanthara, the leading actress. That sounds quite absurd but you’ve got to believe. Although it was earlier considered to be rumors, certain channels of outside Tamil Nadu have confirmed it. Recently its known that Nayan tatooed Prabu on her arm(P in English and rabu in Tamil) in Hyderabad. Sources close to the actress say that “they may be in love, but marriage is not on the cards in the near future as they are both highly professional people who are concerned about their respective careers.” Both the actors were not reachable on their mobile phones which added fuel to the already burning fire. ‘Nothing is Impossible’ is the formula of life while ‘Everything is possible in affairs’ happens to be more in tinsel town. Enna koduma sir ithu???

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