Monday, July 13, 2009


Hi friends.. This is the trailer video of a legendary film-Maruthanayagam which was conceived by Kamal Haasan after his vivid research from the pages of ancient history. The film was launched by Queen Elizabeth before few years and Kamal Haasan was on seventh cloud with extreme happiness. But due to financial constraints, producers of the film backed off and the project got shelved. After many many years now, Kamal Haasan gets new hopes with India-UK Film Corporation getting collaborated. The agreement was signed between British Government and various Countries where talented filmmakers are unable to produce their works. This treaty will not alone turn dream projects into reality but get them sold internationally by making western countries aware about those projects. So, when ‘Marmayogi’ dropped off, it’s ‘Maruthanayagam’ brimming him up with more hopes.

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