Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Want to save power while working in the computer? Desktop consume about 150 watts average power which depends on the hardware installed on the computer. Energy consumption will also rise if the computer is constant over time. Yet is it true that solar-powered computers are not the flashiness that kind Technophiles love to give? Two years ago, Lenovo proves that computers run on solar energy can be sexy too. Lenovo was definitely in the right direction when it launched its Blue Sky A61e PC two years ago.

This lightweight model ThinkCentre PCs at only 8 pounds, Energy Star 4.0 compliant, can run on only 45 watts, and can run on solar panels. PC is the ugly and awkward. It is not clear that - with the AMD Athlon X2 Dual Core or AMD Sempron processor, 4 GB RAM worth, and ultra-small hard drive of up to 750 GB of space value, is the most striking part, Power PC-pig away. However, you do not replace existing computers by solar energy when the computer is still doing well. It is possible to run the gadgets and tools, even power-hungry desktop on solar energy. All you have to do is to buy two or three solar panels and use their power for your home. The cost of solar panels is just one small part of the money you will cough when buying a computer.


  1. That was a brilliant idea. I just wonder how long shall the computer be placed under solar energy to sustain at least 5 hours of uptime?

  2. this is great ! so love to have this onE1


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