Saturday, November 7, 2009


Sanyo has introduced two new high-brightness and high-performance projectors. LP-XM150 offers the highest brightness in its class at 6,000 lumens and LP-XM100 at 5,000 lumens. These projectors will be used in large rooms or lecture halls. The optical engine uses an inorganic liquid crystal panel to ensure high reliability. The highest brightness has been achieved through use of newly developed optical engine and a superior cooling technology. The light efficiency has been increased by 20% in comparison to conventional model resulting in big screen projection. It also has Power Vertical/Horizontal Lens Shifting allowing projection adjustment without the projector position. It can easily be operated with a help of a remote control, for convenient operation of a projector when it is fixed in a high place. The main features are “Corner Keystone Correction” for straightening the image when projecting from an angle and “Mechanical Shutter” which is convenient when the projection needs to be temporarily blocked out. The size of the projectors is 489.5mm (W) x 164.0mm (H) x 434.8mm (D) including lens. The projectors contrary to what Sharp claims are quite heavy, at 9.7 kg they cannot be labeled as portable.

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