Sunday, November 8, 2009


It is a special camera is used in Chandrayaan-1 Probe which aims at obtaining spectroscopic data for mineralogical mapping of the lunar surface. The data from this instrument  helps to obtain some information on mineral composition of the lunar surface. It has the capability of mapping the lunar surface in 32 contiguous bands in the Very Near Infra Red (VNIR) spectral region with a spectral resolution of better than 15nm and spatial resolution of 80m with swath coverage of 20Km. Spectral bands is mapped by using an Active Pixel Sensor and to reduce the weight and to get compactness of the system the wedge filter is used. It is able to capture the color images which are used to detect the difference between the minerals found on the moon surface. Its payload mass is up to 4kg and its size is 275 X 255 X 205 mm3. It is developed by ISRO and everyone is awaiting for the fantastic results from the probe launched by INDIA

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