Thursday, December 31, 2009


Google is looking at Broadband Wireless Access (BWA) / WIMAX in INDIA and is set to participate in the upcoming 3G/WiMAX auction with an Indian partner scheduled on 14th January, 2010. Foreign companies are also allowed to participate in this auction but Non-India companies will need to find Indian partners because foreign companies can buy only up to 74% equity. Google is likely to join with MNTL to bid in the auction. Google shows more interest on Indian 3G which is about to explode as it may have a chance to get into the possibly biggest market of mobile telephony. India is the largest single-country WiMAX opportunity in the world, with most of the major operators actively pursuing WiMAX. Already Google has submitted a proposal to US regulators for clearance to use unused channels, Wi-Fi 2.0 and on which it is possible to offer wireless broadband services at very high speeds. Yet there is an opposition by some people against the inclusion of foreign companies in the auction stating that Indian companies competent for the 3G technology. To know the better result, still we have to wait for two more weeks.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009


A study shows that women think that funny men are smarter and more likely to be honest than others. Although studies have shown that humour is not linked to intelligence, Women have evolved to find intelligence in it because it suggests that a man will be a good provider for her and her children. Women believe humour as an indication of a guy's intelligence, an attractive quality and only a clever man should be more able to provide resources for his offspring. Some celebrities stated that ‘being funny helped him to attract women from his teenage years onwards’. Also people don’t look at physical imperfections if he is provided with humorous character

To rate the attractiveness of a sense of humour in the study, 45 heterosexual women were asked to read shorts descriptions of themselves compiled by 20 men, 10 of which were scored as extremely funny and 10 as only slightly funny. The women were then asked how intelligent and honest they thought that the men were and how likely they would be to go on to develop a friendship or a long-term relationship with them. The findings show that men who used the funniest descriptions of themselves were thought to be significantly more intelligent than those who weren't as witty. The women in the study also judged the men who had a good sense of humour as more honest and said that they would be better catch for a long-term relationship. While women appear to prefer men who makes them laugh, the same does not hold true when the sexes are reversed - and men are not more attracted to funny girls.

Monday, December 28, 2009


It is officially said that Harry Potter is the greatest entertainer of this decade. The child witch character created by author JK Rowling beat every television show, film and song as well as popular social networking sites like YouTube and Facebook to land the title. After making the compilations looked at films, tv shows, albums, books, characters, dresses and trends to come up with a top 100 list of the things that have kept people entertained. Harry Potter lives in our memories more vividly than any other character we have read or seen on screen this decade. It s precisely because JK Rowling created him not as a mighty doer of epic deeds but as a regular kid; a teenager just trying to get by in a crazy, scary world. The Sopranos TV series came second to Harry Potter while YouTube was third, the film The Lord of the Rings came fourth and Ricky Gervais s TV series The Office was the 28th.In fact The Lord of the Rings was chosen as the greatest film of the decade and the US series The Sopranos was the best TV show.

Friday, December 25, 2009


These days our kids seem to be too much preoccupied with the video games most of them have forgotten or not interested in going out and play which is bad news in terms of health and their development. It has become our duty to make them go out and play either with their friends or with the toys. One sure way to make them play physically is by buying them toy cars which can make them occupied with it for hours and hence getting the much needed physical activities we are yearning for.The other toys that you can try to make them active are HPI Savage cars and trucks which is a more advanced version than that of the remote controlled cars. If only if you could try stuff like these and making them play as much as they can, outside, then you can see good results in terms of their behavior as well as health and development soon. As video games are more fun when played to its limits and if one exceeds the limit then it means you are asking for trouble. But nowadays there arises a problem of chemicals used in the production of toys seems to be toxic to the children and hence it is better to choose non-toxic toys, but should be allowed only till 5 or 6 years of age at a maximum. then after everyone should be exposed to sports activities which keeps them perfect and fit.

Sunday, December 20, 2009


The Battersea Power Station, one of those buildings that I never get tired of looking at. It may be a crumbling and decrepit wreck of a building, but there is a beauty and rawness about the place, which I find enlightening. It is located on the South Bank of the River Thames is one of London’s most iconic and striking images. The station stopped producing electricity in 1983 and I can imagine that the air we breath in London and the environment is hell of lot healthier since it ceased blasting out its harmful smoke into the air. Who can ever forgot the amazing Pink Floyd album cover “Animals”, which featured the Battersea Power Station, with the inflatable pig floating between the chimneys. Those were the days, when they put some effort into Album covers. There are seemingly proposals in the pipeline for a £5.5 Billion commercial and residential redevelopment of the former power station. Which can only be good news as far as housing and jobs are concerned. I however hope they manage to retain or even add to the character of the building.

Sunday, December 13, 2009


This is the modern world which sets latest trends on every products being used by us. This is the occasion where you cannot pinpoint even a single home without any electronic products especially television. It has become a part of our life. But we often change those products due to the recent advancements in technologies offering many updates and benefits. Let’s take the case of television now. Everyone is switching over to LCD, Flat screen and Plasma TV from the older version of cathode ray tube type of screens. At this moment, are you looking at the quality of products? Certainly not in many cases. Most of us are being attracted by its look and decorative offers. I was in search of quality electronic products and I really didn’t look for much offers or stylish looks of product. To my surprise, I got the product that meets all the requirements at affordable prices which I got to know from the site elitevisionsale.com referred through my friends. 
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Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Computers have been experiencing a tremendous growth in both the software and hardware fields. It is mandatory to increase your computer speed in order to cope with the fast running world. So obviously you need to upgrade your system memory which results in boosting its performance. In precision workstation, you can find lot of Precision Workstation Memory Upgrades with different computer RAM configurations models where you can select the desired one. This workstation mainly focuses on Dell, the leading manufacturer of computers and software precision is one of the series of the dell computers where you can use it in your workstation for precision results. The price would be listed nearby the model and a video clip is provided to know more about the different memory upgrades. If you want maximum speed and power, have as much RAM as possible. The Precision Workstation RAM is available in different series according to the speed and processor you have bought for your workstation. You can Improves Windows Performance and Increases Speed even while running more than program at a time and in graphics software applications. Precision Workstation Memory is available in different models in different frequencies which can be selected as per the requirements. As frequency is inversely proportional to time, you can increase the speed by increasing the frequency range of memory. Make sure that it is registered with ECC before buying it.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009


A common thing between human and machine is memory, which plays a vital role in the information storage. In computer we use Random Access Memory (RAM) to hold the instructions and data needed to complete the task. There is always a connection between the speed and memory of the system. The more memory your computer has, the interruptions will be fewer which helps the system to access quality as it would have all the required instructions in RAM. Nowadays high level of memory is needed for optical performance when using graphical and multimedia programs and its applications. To meet these requirements, DDR2 memory is being used to process the electronic data. Thus more memory equals to more speed, which can be achieved by using high quality and highly configured DDR2 memory and I would recommend Pro Memory Upgrade, one of the world's largest computer memory upgrade store to get a quality one. Here you can find different memory chips and classification with their price listed nearby the product. Upgrade your system right now with 2GB DDR2 memory to improve your computer ability. It also has made some remarkable transformations in the prices as it reduced to half of the price they were in the computer market. 

Sunday, December 6, 2009


Every people in this world would like to have young look for a long period. Our perception of attractiveness is highly correlated to age and health. From an evolutionary point of view, health is the dominant driver because it indicates that a person has good genes. In terms of age, there is a continuous drop in fertility, particularly in women. In the past 20 to 30 years most of the research into attractiveness has centered on how the shape of the face - facial average ness, symmetry and male-female dimorphism - affects our perception of beauty. There was no scientific focus on skin. What stops us all looking young and healthy?  There is a lot more to ageing skin than wrinkles. Melanin and haemoglobin produce the brown and red coloration in human skin. Sun damage causes uneven skin colour and this, along with shadows due to lines and wrinkles, is the key to our perception of age. Some products, like niacin amide, can reduce the amount of melanin expressed in age spots. By reducing contrast with background skin, this produces a corresponding perception of a reduction in age. 

Friday, December 4, 2009


BCCI has extended by six months its current contract with Sahara India to sponsor the national team after its inability to find any alternative sponsors. It is expected that a fresh tender will be issued, before the expiry of the extension period, inviting bids for the team sponsorship. Sahara's contract was to have ended on December 31 this year, and had already been extended by three months. While the previous contract with Sahara was a four-year-deal signed in 2006 for Rs. 400 crores, the BCCI is now asking companies around $35 million (about Rs.162 crores) annually. Also said that any party that strikes a deal with it for the IPL, will have to submit a bank guarantee for the full value of the deal with immediate effect. This includes Multi Screen Media, for IPL telecast rights and Entertainment Sports Direct, which won the IPL theatrical rights. Due to this high price deal, no one is ready now to take Dhoni men.

Thursday, December 3, 2009


Recently a terrible incident that ruined the whole Women's US Open for many of the tennis freaks. Current world no.1 tennis player Serena Williams was fined $82,500 for her violent verbal outburst in US Open 2009. The fine imposed on her is considered to the largest fine ever in tennis history. This incident took place in semi final of the US Open when Serena was serving the second set trailing 5-6, with 15-30 point. Serena was called foot fault by line judge in the second serve made Clijsters get 15-40 with one point away from victory. As Serena Williams feared losing the match, she went to line judge and used harsh words against her. Serena was also warned before in the same match after she threw and broke her racket when she lost the first set. Because of Serena breaking the code of violation for the second time in the same match, point penalty was issued against her by chair umpire, ended the match declaring Kim Clijsters as winner. Along with this fine, Serena was banned from US open for the next three years. She will face a life ban from US open if she breaks another code of violation before the end of 2011. 

Tuesday, December 1, 2009


We have come across the sentence ‘smoking is injurious to health’ in many places to create awareness. But still the smokers seem to be increasing day by day. In what could help millions of smokers struggling to quit the habit? The solution is regular exercises reduce the desire to light up. The researchers at the University of Exeter who asked 20 smokers to abstain from cigarettes for 15 hours found that even a moderate workout can reduce the smoker's interest in cigarettes. The subjects were then shown either smoking-related or neutral images. They spent the following 15 minutes either resting or pedaling on an exercise bike before they were shown the images again. The researchers found the smokers who had pedaled spent 11 per cent less time looking at the images than those who had sat down. It's thought that exercise dampens smoking triggers, such as stress or the desire to drink alcohol, because the hormone boost in the brain after a workout can lead to a temporary euphoric state. The findings add to previous studies which have shown that brisk walking can reduce cigarette cravings.


The World Health Organization now advises giving antiretroviral therapy to people with HIV earlier in the infection cycle, which should slow progression of the disease in individuals and also put a brake on its spread. These changes will likely have their biggest impact in poorer countries. Previously it advised starting antiretroviral therapy only when levels of the CD4 immune cells attacked by HIV dip below 200 per cubic mm of blood. But later it is known that people survive for longer if treated earlier, that they are less likely to pass on the virus, because ART rapidly flushes it from blood. WHO recommends ART for breastfeeding women with HIV due to evidence that this helps stop transmission of HIV to the infant. In addition, the WHO advises that people with HIV who are co-diagnosed with tuberculosis should receive ART regardless of their CD4 counts. However giving ART to more people will initially cost more is the only thing to worry. As a human being, I would like to invite everyone to participate in the awareness program in this day along with WHO which helps in eradication of AIDS and lets show our love towards the affected people.