Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Recently I have come across this info and I hope it would be useful to all especially iPhone guys. Linux on the iPhone have made yet another development by porting Android OS to iPhone 3G device. Android ports have been available for a vast majority of Android based devices in the past, however, here is killer port which you can install on your iPhone 3G. This Android port on iPhone 3G allows you to perform all activities except for those which require audio in it. The iPhone 3G port of Android is now ready to download and install. It has got a functional port on iPhone 3G which is quite an achievement. The port uses OpeniBoot custom boot loader. Those who ported Android on iPhone 3G look forward to tweak the port files for better power management, back light control and most importantly audio. Apple’s iPhone has been one of the elusive which could not achieve this feat, but rest assured it is possible now and user can install an Android OS on their iPhone 3G now. you can browse the web and even send-receives SMS. This port also brings under the hood updates and several improvements for better stability and reliability.

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