Friday, July 16, 2010


The world’s first browser named Epic with inbuilt antivirus has been developed by Indians with lot of exciting features. According to the statistics, India is the third biggest country in terms of the internet usage. But so far, they depend on global browsers like Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Opera etc. and the main problem behind this is, it is not customized well for Indians. A Bangalore based IT firm has come up with this concept of ‘browser for Indians’. It has extremely good features like fast browsing, Indian language typing, built in cricket score widgets, Latest film songs, stock quotes, Built in anti-phishing software  and Simple browsing history deletion. It has 1500 plus Indian themes and you can make use of 12 Indian languages. Epic browser uses Firefox platform since it is an open source browser platform. The best thing in it is, it can be customized as per user’s wish.

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