Tuesday, December 14, 2010


The enormous growth in science and technology opens doors to information for students but they have to be careful as it can also reveal private information about them. Especially teenagers are getting trapped through some social networking sites like Facebook, Orkut by revealing their personal information. Though parents are aware of those serious consequences, it is possible for them to restrict only to an extent. But here after they could track all the activities without spying their kids with the help of parental control software designed to provide internet safety for kids. This type of software requires no installation or download. It is even being provided by Facebook through online protection tools to prevent threats like cyber bullying, addiction and abusive comments on Facebook.  This tool enables teens using Facebook to quickly report any violation to Facebook officials. Similar to antivirus and firewall protection, there are some companies offering internet security software with enhanced logarithms looking for risky behavior across the web which also tracks the information shared by your kids on any social networking sites. This avoids children getting restricted by parents for their internet usage and also helps parent to relax as it ensures that their kids are under their control without giving up their privacy and respect.

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