Sunday, January 30, 2011

Manchester United & Chelsea Rumours

Football is the craziest game ever holding millions of hearts especially in the western countries. To increase the quality of game and to satisfy the thirst of football freaks, lot of teams are being played in behalf of some football clubs. The expectations are always high on each team and their players thereby fans would always be looking for some latest football news. Everyone would be aware of Manchester United Football Club, an English professional football club, based in Old Trafford, Greater Manchester. It is one of the most successful clubs with 18 league titles, 4 league cups and 11 FA Cups. With such a huge record, it has almost half of the football freaks as their fans and everyone would be so curious to know about the manchester united transfer rumours. To fulfill this, there are sites publishing the transfer rumours on the daily basis. Even you can choose some news as your favourites and can chat about the rumours with the members of the particular site owned the news. Here I need to mention Chelsea which is creating a lot of hot news by now. Chelsea is a West London based football club known for their game spirit but going through tough times now after their game against Everton recently. Meanwhile lot of rumours coming through and who does want to miss the chelsea transfer rumours. Just visit the links to get latest day to day updates of the big premier league teams chelsea and manchester united.

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