Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Day by day we are facing lot of changes in our life which ultimately gets affected in the technologies, business and in the way they are getting promoted. People always want something new and different; that is why unique style of promotions or advertisements is always successful. Technological advancements are not only to simplify ουr life but also to give us broader opportunities. In merchant’s point of view, the profit is directly proportional to wider range of customers and so hr always looks for different strategies to attract the people. As of now, SMS marketing is the most effective strategy as it can reach most of the people than any other since the number of people using the mobile phones keep on increasing. As per the latest survey, there are 280,000,000 cell phone users in the United States market and it crosses 700 million cell phone users in India. It helps in establishing personal contacts with the customer base as well as gains their attention completely. 

Internet marketing was considered as a great strategy but this new trend has redefined the concept of advertising, offering more and greater benefits than any other form of marketing. The conversion rates have turned out to be higher than other forms of marketing by adopting SMS giving procedure. A large advantage of giving SMS text is that people would act immediately upon a text message call to activity rather than noting URL to be searched after sometime. Another advantage is minimum or no risk of the message getting damaged in any way because it directly reaches the customers in seconds. Sumotext is offering better SMS Gateway for other web services which ensures one can send and receive 2-way SMS from your websites and applications. To the people who are thinking it is not easy creating a campaign for marketing, Sumotext’s gateway tools enables them to make use of the self-service platform in their system that clients can  have online access to control mobile marketing campaigns over shared short codes and dedicated short codes.

Friday, February 4, 2011

ICC Cricket World Cup 2011 - Schedule

The ICC World Cup 2011, is scheduled from 19 February, 2011 to 2 April, 2011 will be hosted by three South Asian Countries (India, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh). India will host maximum of the matches in the World Cup Tournament. India with 29 matches out of 46 and the Sri Lanka will host 12 of the rest and remaining by Bangladesh. Umpire Decision Review System (UDRS) will be followed during this world cup and Hot Spot technology is not included. You can find out the world cup schedule timetable listed below and plan accordingly. Fingers crossed for the triggering action.

Feb 19:  Bangladesh v India, Dhaka
Feb 20:  New Zealand v Kenya, Chennai
Feb 20:  Sri Lanka v Canada, Hambantota
Feb 21:  Australia v Zimbabwe, Ahmedabad
Feb 22:  England v Netherlands, Nagpur
Feb 23:  Pakistan v Kenya, Hambantota
Feb 24:  South Africa v West Indies, New Delhi
Feb 25:  Australia v New Zealand, Nagpur
Feb 25:  Bangladesh v Ireland, Dhaka
Feb 26:  Sri Lanka v Pakistan, Colombo
Feb 27:  India v England, Kolkata
Feb 28:  West Indies v Netherlands, New Delhi
Feb 28:  Zimbabwe v Canada, Nagpur
March 1:  Sri Lanka v Kenya, Colombo
March 2:  England v Ireland, Bangalore
March 3:  South Africa v Netherlands, Mohali
March 3:  Pakistan v Canada, Colombo
March 4:  New Zealand v Zimbabwe, Ahmedabad
March 4:  Bangladesh v West Indies, Dhaka
March 5:  Sri Lanka v Australia, Colombo
March 6:  India v Ireland, Bangalore
March 6:  England v South Africa, Chennai
March 7:  Kenya v Canada, New Delhi
March 8:  Pakistan v New Zealand, Pallekele
March 9:  India v Netherlands, New Delhi
March 10:  Sri Lanka v Zimbabwe, Pallekele
March 11:  West Indies v Ireland, Mohali
March 11:  Bangladesh v England, Chittagong
March 12:  India v South Africa, Nagpur
March 13:  New Zealand v Canada, Mumbai
March 13:  Australia v Kenya, Bangalore
March 14:  Pakistan v Zimbabwe, Pallekele
March 14:  Bangladesh v Netherlands, Chittagong
March 15:  South Africa v Ireland, Kolkata
March 16:  Australia v Canada, Bangalore
March 17:  England v West Indies, Chennai
March 18:  Sri Lanka v New Zealand, Mumbai
March 18:  Ireland v Netherlands, Kolkata
March 19:  Australia v Pakistan, Colombo
March 19:  Bangladesh v South Africa, Dhaka
March 20:  Zimbabwe v Kenya, Kolkata
March 20:  India v West Indies, Chennai
March 23:  Quarter-final, Dhaka
March 24:  Quarter-final, Colombo
March 25:  Quarter-final, Dhaka
March 26:  Quarter-final, Ahmedabad
March 29:  Semi-final, Colombo
March 30:  Semi-final, Mohali
April 2:      Final, Mumbai