Wednesday, April 20, 2011


All the people do have some special occasions in their life. But engagement is one of the most memorable occasions of your life and is paving a new life with a new relation who is going to share everything till the last breath. So, surely you would have made lot of plans to preserve memories of the occasion forever. Engagement rings play a vital role in preserving memories and keep those occasions fresh and tender ever. Numerous designs are available such us artwork deco design, medieval design, Celtic fashion, modern-day fashion, antique type, classic models and so on. So pay more attention to it in its making like the kind of metal being used and type of setting. There are many kinds of setting, but the prong setting, and multi-stone setting are most popular. The prong setting is simple, and the least expensive as it have a single stone on the band. Multi-stone setting will have the largest stone at the center, and the smaller ones surrounding it. 

Since our grandparent’s marriage, we have been following the same tradition with Gold and silver marriage ceremony rings. People of modern want something new and new adding more innovation in their wedding ceremony rings and wedding bands. The wedding band ought to have a traditional look but at the very same time a modern-day touch too. So far we have been using gold and silver as base metal and very rarely we can find diamond, emerald, pearl etc; but the new evolution has mixed those traditions with modern works to give an attractive and stylish product. Among all Diamonds have been favorites among couples for ages. They are much more sturdy and lovely than any other and that is the reason why men’s wedding ceremony bands are generally diamond wedding bands. Without a doubt, your wedding day will be the biggest event and so spend more time to choose the wedding band with your fiance. My suggestion is to go with internet which will guide you and be your friend throughout this fussy selection process.

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