Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Virtual Private Server (VPS) is an elixir to the people who feels that the shared hosting is not handling the exact requirements of their blog visitors. It offers lot of direct and immediate benefits over shared web hosting with multi-blog hosting facility. When a blogger wanted to manage multiple blogs at a time and also to overcome the heavy traffic which exceeds the bandwidth of shared host, he/she will go for VPS. By default, the basic VPS will be having only the basic software which may not suit your requirements. This can be dealt with the addition of VPS hosting stacks like cPanel which will have some pre-installed software which can also be customized as per user’s requirement. 

Addition of stacks not only saves the time but also fulfills the requirement with some factors like easy setup, effective management and configuration which overcomes the disadvantages of dedicated and VPS servers. Stacks like cPanel, WordPress, Minecraft, Plesk interface etc can be obtained through service like DotBlock at cheaper rates than anywhere else. Depending on the type of VPS host you can set up your email accounts, FTP accounts, databases and sub-directories for each domain. Usually bloggers would choose Plesk interface for easy server management on both Windows and Linux-based operating systems and cPanel, which stick to the basics for effective performance. In general Apache, IIS7 & IIS7.5, nginx would the top 3 Web Servers for VPS Hosting of which Apache is the most powerful development platform for Linux VPS. IIS7/7.5 works with all Microsoft operating systems including the places where Apache has problem in some OS configurations and .ngnix works virtually across all OS and platforms.

Basically VPS is known for its customization, security privacy, dedicated resources and multi-site, multi-blog hosting. VPS provides unique IP address to the users which helps in increasing the reliability for a website due to which the VPS would remain unaffected even if another hosting account on the same server is hacked. VPS hosting offers privacy where users can get access with full administrative rights which enables them to have complete control over the content hosted on the server. Since VPS allows dedicated CPU, RAM, bandwidth and disk space, no single user can take away all the bandwidth capacity and hence it can be said as regulated resource. It allows bloggers to host multiple sites on their servers, including WordPress, CMS-based sites like Drupal and Joomla. The main advantage of VPS hosting is the setup of multiple domain at the cheaper cost than shared server hosting  which is cost effective. Shared server sites would need to pay for its additional domain names as well as for the additional server space.


  1. I think you should mention colocation hosting. It is a popular hosting option paired with VPS hosting. Colocation hosting will allow you to have complete what hardware is used because you purchase and maintain it. This is great if you already own the hardware or if you want to buy a very specific one to match your needs. The uninterruptable power source and other environmental elements are maintained on location by the company you colocate with. This allows for a very uniquely managed server which just may be right for your business.

  2. Thanks Jeff. That is a great info. Let me explore more on Colocation hosting. Thanks again for your time and effort.

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