Tuesday, December 1, 2009


We have come across the sentence ‘smoking is injurious to health’ in many places to create awareness. But still the smokers seem to be increasing day by day. In what could help millions of smokers struggling to quit the habit? The solution is regular exercises reduce the desire to light up. The researchers at the University of Exeter who asked 20 smokers to abstain from cigarettes for 15 hours found that even a moderate workout can reduce the smoker's interest in cigarettes. The subjects were then shown either smoking-related or neutral images. They spent the following 15 minutes either resting or pedaling on an exercise bike before they were shown the images again. The researchers found the smokers who had pedaled spent 11 per cent less time looking at the images than those who had sat down. It's thought that exercise dampens smoking triggers, such as stress or the desire to drink alcohol, because the hormone boost in the brain after a workout can lead to a temporary euphoric state. The findings add to previous studies which have shown that brisk walking can reduce cigarette cravings.


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