Monday, January 30, 2012


The tennis has got a great opening in the year 2012 with the longest, surely the hardest and arguably the greatest Grand Slam final in history. The visual treat for tennis game fans all over the world lasted for almost six hours and finally ended up with Novak Djokovic’s victory over Rafael Nadal. I understand just because a match is long, it does not necessarily follow that the quality has to be high. But I find this as one of the greatest matches ever played with so much heat. This is Novak’s third Australian Open title and his fifth Grand Slam trophy. Also it was his seventh successive win in a final and his third consecutive victory over Nadal in a Grand Slam final. I personally felt the match ended with two winners though literally only one title was awarded. 

Nadal was looking so strong, determined with lot of passion and he was never going to give in. Still Djokovic beated him and he seemed unshakable. He won the Australian Open with 5-7, 6-4, 6-2, 6-7, 7-5 with some pulsating events in the final set. The opening set had been long but not exciting and the next two sets had been more or less one-way traffic. Then, in the fourth set, just when Nadal looked to be on his way home, the Spaniard pounced. From 3-4 and 0-40 down in that set, Nadal exploded into action. In five points the match had been turned on its head. After five-and-a-half hours, both were still dead level at two sets all and 4-4 and deuce. Nadal was not going to give in and Djokovic too. Finally Djokovic moved into the driving seat by winning the last eight points of the set, the last four on Nadal's serve.

Post match, Novak expressed that he was playing against one of the greatest players ever. And also admitted that Nadal is mentally strong, and he always comes up with his best game and best shots at the right moments. But still when he was 4‑2 down, he pushed himself up to the limit. It was obvious on the court for everybody who has watched the match that both of us, physically, took the last drop of energy that they had from their bodies.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012


US government has passed two bills - the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) & the Senate version, the Protect IP Act (PIPA) aimed at cracking down on online piracy. It is being supported by film and music industry which often sees its products sold illegally. Wikipedia, one of the internet's most popular websites, with about 30 million visitors’ daily felt if the bills are passed, this legislation will harm the free and open internet and bring about new tools for censorship of international websites inside the United States. So it has imposed a 24-hour blackout on its English language website but some web surfers are already finding ways around the problem.  For the diehard Wiki-fan, within minutes of the blackout kicking in, alternative system has been arranged that relies on Google's cache of online sites. 

Jimmy Wales, the founder of Wikipedia said that he is personally asking everyone who cares about freedom and openness on the internet to contact their senators and representative. He added that the things we have learned recently during the Arab Spring events are that the internet is a powerfully effective tool for the public to organize and have their voices heard."  This is the first time Wikipedia's English version has gone dark. Its Italian site came down once briefly in protest to an internet censorship bill put forward by the Berlusconi government.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Copper.net Internet Services

Would you be able to think of lifestyle without computers? In this modern era, PCs are something we all need, but what about the Internet? Having a computer without internet connection is like a man having wife is still a virgin. Sounds funny, right? Internet gives us amazing strength which helps to keep you updated in all fields and plays a vital role in globalization. People living in remote areas may go in search of DSL service availability in their locality. With your area code and prefix, you can easily find out the information about best DSL plans with high speed connectivity.
It is bit hard to find many internet service providers offering broadband installation in rural areas due to low population density, and high infrastructure cost. In those occasions, dial up remains useful and it would be the only choice available. Copper.net is the best of all when it comes to dial up internet and it offers standard dial up, high speed dial up plus plans at various rates. From the reviews I have come across, I feel they are far better than any other service providers.
Almost every business needs internet service these days for better survival.  Saving money has become a priority for many American families and hence they started Sharing Internet with their Neighbor. But it’s a bad idea because you would be violating the internet providers’ terms of service and what will you do if they hacked into your computer and stole important personal information? Instead they can go with internet services that offer multiple options at cheaper rates.  Make sure your internet connection has the facility to support business VoIP to make and receive phone calls.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012


It is very rare to find a people without eye power glass because of environmental changes and pollution and also everyone is supposed to expose their eyes towards the radiation from computer and television for their survival and entertainment. So no one considers it as a defect instead they want to expose themselves more stylish with the glasses. Nowadays you could find lot of terms and technicalities in the glass manufacturing industry which people really trying understand what is behind each technology. But in their busy work schedule, we can’t expect everyone to be aware of new technology called oleophobic coating.

What is Oleophobic Coating? It is the latest coating technology which helps in preventing reflections to exist on the lens face and resistant to fingerprints. So, now one needs not to worry about finger print on glasses. This special coating helps you to drive comfortably during night hours and also reduce the reflective light while taking photographs.

We always wish to have a thing which is worth of money we spend. People may doubt about their quality because of availability of glasses with latest technology at cheaper rates when compared to other manufacturers. Difference between Zenni and other companies is in the way they spend money for marketing. Zenni do not go with high budget advertisement or middle man for marketing its product whereas the other companies do so. They never advertise but their quality speaks for them. I am sure getting glasses of great quality at a good price is possible only from Zenni optical.

Sunday, January 8, 2012


People would always be curious to find the gender of their child. An easier way to find the baby gender is from Ancient Chinese Gender Chart which is of 700 years old. Chinese gender chart fertility calendar was recently discovered and is now used to predict the gender of the unborn baby and you can see it below. In the below chart, Woman's age is the Chinese age and Conception Month should be Chinese Lunar month. B stands for boy and blank stands for girl.