Saturday, November 27, 2010

FACEBOOK App Developers on Suspension

Facebook has suspended some of its application developers for selling their user information to some data brokers. Some Facebook applications were transmitting user IDs to be used for name identification and in some cases their friends name too to some advertising and data firms. It seems that data broker was paying developers for these user IDs and Facebook confirmed that no private user data was sold and confirmed that transfer of these UIDs did not give access to any private data. That also assured that they will be taking action against these developers by instituting a 6-month full moratorium on their access to Facebook communication channels. Those developers are not working in the top 10 applications on Facebook Platform and will be under pressure if they are not in compliance with the Facebook policies. Still Facebook officials are not able to find out the data broker exactly and in an announcement they said, "Never sold and will never sell user information". Also they added that they have a zero tolerance for data brokers because they undermine the value that users have come to expect from Facebook.

Friday, November 26, 2010


Two months back I was busy in discussing with lot of interior designers in order to decorate my home in a stylish manner.  Many professional designers suggested me to have grandfather clock as the home can be made beautiful by placing any type of such clocks. It felt odd for me, but later I realized my fault when I look at its appearance and grace.  Among all I liked Howard miller wall clocks because of its grand look, unique designs and is usually made of rare type of woods. I am sure this type of clock will add captivating elegance and richness to the home. You can find all types of Howard miller wall clocks sitting at your home itself just by clicking the link given above. Choose something very catchy that grabs the attention of all people.

Friday, November 19, 2010


I am sure all the blogger would be aware of the term ‘web site hosting’. As of now, there prevails lot of competition in the market for web hosting as it is the key for building and maintaining the site to capture the interest and attention of blog hosting communities to find their niche. If you have any plans to start up a business and want to reach maximum people throughout the world by promoting your product in online, then selecting the best web site hosting is the right choice. One should be very careful in choosing the web hosting site by comparing some factors such as space availability, accessing server speed, 24/7 technical support, additional website templates etc.  Some hosting service offers free hosting and some may charge and the pricing to render service varies depends on the bandwidth and type of hosting offered. It should not only make yours look like a website, but have to be more specific on your needs and consider how to make the website easy for you to reach maximum number of people through online as soon as possible. If you are a newbie and not well versed with these terms, it is advisable to read the web hosting reviews to get to know the comparison chart showcasing all the valuable information of different web hosting services. Basically web hosting service offers web hosting, domain names, domain name registrations, website design services, e-commerce websites, online stores etc. its up to you to choose free or paid hosting service. If you want to enjoy some privileges of the paid web hosting, then you should spend something. But always ensure that you must have to gather sufficient information first before directly purchasing the service provider.

Thursday, November 18, 2010


People belongs to this generation seems to be lucky in terms of enjoyment and fun due to the availability of online casino facility. Last generation people had to go for club or any private place to play casino games but now the entire situation is changed. Since the popularity of playing online game has become more popular, some cheaters make use of this chance and start to earn through fake sites. If you have found the best casino site, then you are eligible to taste the real fun, money and fame. You need not to stress yourself to find the best one among all sites. You just need to go through thousands of web pages with some information about casino sites which is available in online. While analyzing one should make a note of the bonus offered, the payout %, the rating and also the number of games available in a particular casino site. The success mantra pertaining to casino is you need to find the best casino site at first.

Thursday, November 4, 2010


I am happy to express my joy to you all that my long term dream has come true. Yes, finally I have built my dream house in a different fashion with some unique modern designs. The rooms are of different styles and are very pleasant to live. Above all, the rustic bedroom furniture with my favorite design has brought us the nature into our home which gives a different feel and a warm comfort. The furniture is made up of different woods such as cedar, oak, walnut and maple etc. which you cannot buy in all shops. You need to find a perfect place to get all those stuffs to fulfill your desires and to increase your home value. But it’s not a big deal as one can merely benefit them using the internet.


Online casino always seems to be a great place for those who love to have great fun, entertainment and money. We can say it as an entertainment package with games that can be played from home itself and that is the reason it has become very popular among adults too. There are plenty of online casino games available in the internet and playing each game will be a kind of different experience. Every casino has its own strength and weakness, so you should adapt to it and in case if you are a newbie, it’s always advisable to go through the casino guides before enter into any of the game.  If you are not well versed with any game, you can download some free trial version games for practice. To be a successful gambler, you should know the game tricks and strategies in all aspects. Rely on genuine online casino sire is more important as thousands of fake casino sites are being created every month. There are some sites available which provide online casino rankings from top to bottom based on their performance and their features which would be useful to find information about each and every individual top online casino.