Sunday, December 20, 2009


The Battersea Power Station, one of those buildings that I never get tired of looking at. It may be a crumbling and decrepit wreck of a building, but there is a beauty and rawness about the place, which I find enlightening. It is located on the South Bank of the River Thames is one of London’s most iconic and striking images. The station stopped producing electricity in 1983 and I can imagine that the air we breath in London and the environment is hell of lot healthier since it ceased blasting out its harmful smoke into the air. Who can ever forgot the amazing Pink Floyd album cover “Animals”, which featured the Battersea Power Station, with the inflatable pig floating between the chimneys. Those were the days, when they put some effort into Album covers. There are seemingly proposals in the pipeline for a £5.5 Billion commercial and residential redevelopment of the former power station. Which can only be good news as far as housing and jobs are concerned. I however hope they manage to retain or even add to the character of the building.

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