Thursday, December 3, 2009


Recently a terrible incident that ruined the whole Women's US Open for many of the tennis freaks. Current world no.1 tennis player Serena Williams was fined $82,500 for her violent verbal outburst in US Open 2009. The fine imposed on her is considered to the largest fine ever in tennis history. This incident took place in semi final of the US Open when Serena was serving the second set trailing 5-6, with 15-30 point. Serena was called foot fault by line judge in the second serve made Clijsters get 15-40 with one point away from victory. As Serena Williams feared losing the match, she went to line judge and used harsh words against her. Serena was also warned before in the same match after she threw and broke her racket when she lost the first set. Because of Serena breaking the code of violation for the second time in the same match, point penalty was issued against her by chair umpire, ended the match declaring Kim Clijsters as winner. Along with this fine, Serena was banned from US open for the next three years. She will face a life ban from US open if she breaks another code of violation before the end of 2011. 

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