Monday, November 30, 2009


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Friday, November 27, 2009



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Sunday, November 22, 2009


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Friday, November 20, 2009


Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar born on April 24, 1973 has been playing top-class cricket for 20 years and he's still producing blistering innings, still looking hungry, still demolishing attacks, still a prized wicket, still a proud competitor. He is the India’s proudest possession. Still he stays dangerous to all the opponents. In spite of his severe illness during his cricketing journey, he has crossed 30,000 runs in his International cricket career. He has achieved in all forms of cricket with lot of records which seems to be an impossible target for any player to beat him. Discipline, mental strength, soft hands, planning, adaptability, ability to bat in different gears and dedication are the key secrets beyond his achievement. Though I am not a die-hard fan of sachin, my great salute to him for his works and achievements and let’s wish him for the prosperous cricketing future.

The first time I put on my India cap
My first Test hundred
The counter-attacking 114 at Perth
Bowling the last over against SA in the 1993 Hero Cup
82 (off 49 balls) against NZ as opener in 1994
Winning the Titan Cup in 1996
1997 Sahara Cup win over Pakistan
Scoring 155 against Australia in the 1998 Chennai Test
1998's sandstorm hundred in Sharjah against Australia
Meeting Don Bradman in Adelaide
Beating England at Leeds, 2002
Match-winning 98 against Pakistan in the 2003 World Cup
First series win in Pakistan, 2003-04
35th Test hundred, v Sri Lanka in Delhi, 2005
Beating England in Nottingham in 2007
Beating Australia in Perth in 2008
The CB Series triumph in Australia in 2008
Going past Brian Lara's Test run tally in Mohali, 2008
Second-innings Test hundred against Englandi n Chennai, 2008
175 against Australia in Hyderabad, 2009.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


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Sunday, November 8, 2009


It is a special camera is used in Chandrayaan-1 Probe which aims at obtaining spectroscopic data for mineralogical mapping of the lunar surface. The data from this instrument  helps to obtain some information on mineral composition of the lunar surface. It has the capability of mapping the lunar surface in 32 contiguous bands in the Very Near Infra Red (VNIR) spectral region with a spectral resolution of better than 15nm and spatial resolution of 80m with swath coverage of 20Km. Spectral bands is mapped by using an Active Pixel Sensor and to reduce the weight and to get compactness of the system the wedge filter is used. It is able to capture the color images which are used to detect the difference between the minerals found on the moon surface. Its payload mass is up to 4kg and its size is 275 X 255 X 205 mm3. It is developed by ISRO and everyone is awaiting for the fantastic results from the probe launched by INDIA

Saturday, November 7, 2009


Sanyo has introduced two new high-brightness and high-performance projectors. LP-XM150 offers the highest brightness in its class at 6,000 lumens and LP-XM100 at 5,000 lumens. These projectors will be used in large rooms or lecture halls. The optical engine uses an inorganic liquid crystal panel to ensure high reliability. The highest brightness has been achieved through use of newly developed optical engine and a superior cooling technology. The light efficiency has been increased by 20% in comparison to conventional model resulting in big screen projection. It also has Power Vertical/Horizontal Lens Shifting allowing projection adjustment without the projector position. It can easily be operated with a help of a remote control, for convenient operation of a projector when it is fixed in a high place. The main features are “Corner Keystone Correction” for straightening the image when projecting from an angle and “Mechanical Shutter” which is convenient when the projection needs to be temporarily blocked out. The size of the projectors is 489.5mm (W) x 164.0mm (H) x 434.8mm (D) including lens. The projectors contrary to what Sharp claims are quite heavy, at 9.7 kg they cannot be labeled as portable.

Friday, November 6, 2009


Hi friends, kindly share this valuable information with  as many people as possible and also keep your self informed. It is an important aspect of social awareness. The supreme court has ruled that all injured persons especially in the case of road accidents, assaults etc., when brought to a hospital or medical centre, have to be offered first aid, stabilized and shifted to a government centre if required. It is only after this that the hospital can demand payment or complete police formalities. In case you wish to help someone in an accident, please go ahead and do so. Your responsibility ends as soon as you leave the person at the hospital. The hospital bears the responsibility of informing the police, first aid etc. please do inform your family and friends about these basic rights so that all we know what to expect and what to do in the hour of need.