Monday, March 8, 2010


From the article I have come across recently, it’s very sad to hear that many people of this modern era are still unaware of vehicle tracking system. I feel everyone should know at least the basic information about it and its uses. A vehicle tracking system is the outcome of combination of electronic device in a vehicle and a specially designed vehicle tracking software. In this system, an electronic device is attached to a vehicle and is loaded with software instructions as per our requirements. This helps the owner of the vehicle to track the vehicle and have access to information about the location, speed, distance travelled, maintenance details etc. Modern vehicle tracking systems commonly use GPS (Global Positioning System) for tracking the vehicle and this vehicle information can be viewed on electronic maps via Internet also.

Every year cars that is stolen in thousands can be tracked using this system and so it plays a major role in security. With this technology, you can even monitor the behavior of driver from your office or home irrespective of the distance and so there is no need of phone calls in cash of rash driving or any other issues. It would be helpful to the drivers in case if they lost their path. In case of an organization, all the employees can be scrutinized by the owner. When speaking about the security systems, it can act as a replacement of car alarms or zigbee equipments. Even it is possible to control the vehicle remotely including doors and engines in case of emergency.

As far as the vehicle tracking software is concerned, different types of software are available in accordance with the type of equipments installed in the vehicle. The platforms may be Java, Windows or other for operating the system. As of now, in general there are 2 types of tracking software are used in most of the places to map with this tracking device. One is Web-based tracking software which costs around $8000 and another is PC based tracking software works with Microsoft MapPoint and Google Earth map costs $600. To promote its importance, the UK government has made suggestions about tracking all UK vehicles. They say it will help them stop people avoiding paying car tax, car insurance and driving a car without an MOT. But they also mention that they would like to tax people for driving at particular times of the day or driving on particular roads. To know more about it, just visit the links provided in this post and make use of it.

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