Saturday, May 15, 2010



Internet and broadband users of India are increasingly becoming the victims of vicious phishing attacks which results in identity theft, danger to life, financial fraud etc. Recently, Gmail users received a legal notice asking them to update their account details for security reasons. "Gmail Team is working on total security on all accounts in order to make Gmail better as ever and as a result of this security upgrade we require all Gmail members to verify their account with Google. To prevent your account from disability you will have to update your account by clicking the reply button and filling the space below," the mail read. The legal notice from Gmail wanted users to refurbish their account name, password, occupation, birth date and country of residence. It also carried a threat that users who did not update their details within 7 days of receiving the warning would lose their account permanently.

However, Google spokesperson said, "Some spammers send fraudulent mass-messages designed to collect personal information, called 'spoofing' or 'password phishing’. We always advise our users to be wary of any message that asks for your personal information, or messages that refer you to a webpage asking for personal information. Google or Gmail does not send unsolicited mass messages asking for passwords or personal information; even if the message asking for it claims to be from us, please don't believe it." So it is advised to be investigative and use logic (BIUL) when using the Net in order to improve your personal Internet security levels.

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