Friday, June 4, 2010


The Google Notifier is a nice tiny application used for Mac OS that regularly checks if you have any incoming email. It is pretty useful except for one tiny problem; there is no way to configure how many minutes you want the application to check your Gmail account. A simple way to get around it is to do the following:

1) Click on the mail icon   2) Hold down command (APPLE) and option (ALT) keys while clicking on preferences in the drop down box. you will be prompted with a box that has a key and value prompt   3) Type “AutocheckInterval” under key (case-sensitive) and then under value type in the number in  minutes of how often you want it checked.   4) You will need to restart the application by quitting and opening it again.   5)  If it does'nt work, manually modify the file in Library/Preferences/com.google.GmailNotifier.plist.   6)  Add the new value AutocheckInterval and the string value is 1 (if you want the notifier to check every minute). It can be customized as per our convenience.

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