Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Make Ur Choice – iPad / iPed

The iPad has gone international but the Asian market has now found a choice of two very similarly named options: the United States’ iPad or China’s new product, the iPed. And when I say similar, they really do almost look similar in looks. The packaging looks almost the same, the tablet casing looks almost the same. You can’t find the difference if you look at it for the first time as almost everything looks the same except the operating system that runs it and the name of the product. As far as physical parameter is concerned, the iPed is slightly heavier than the iPad but, it sells for around $105 while Apple’s iPad goes for a whopping $536 in nearby Japan, where the iPad is just launched. The iPed ironically, runs the Google Android operating system. The price difference is astounding and unless someone finds a fatal flaw with the iPed fast, there could be some real intense tablet competition. And we all know Android is one stable operating system. So, which would you buy? An iPad with even no USB slot Or an iPed, which actually has one. Really iPed is going to be a threat to iPad. Let’s wait and watch.

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