Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Can you show anyone roaming in streets without mobile phone as of now? We everyone knows the usage and importance of SIM card, whereas we are unaware of its cloning process. With the rapid development in technology cloning of SIM cards has become an easy task. To clone a SIM you need not to be a smart hacker. For cloning a SIM, the Ki and IMSI values have to be read. The SIM value can be encrypted by cracking the codes to get the Ki value without which cloning is impossible. Once the Ki value is obtained the SIM is ready to be cloned on a blank chip. Sometimes the Ki value even takes hours to crack. Cloning is not as simple as shown in the Bourne Supremacy as it requires lot of patience. If you go to market to get some gadgets for cloning the SIM, you will not have difficulty in finding them. We couldn’t get the SIM cloned because even the anti-social elements wouldn’t do it for any unknown person but the government and security agencies still seem to be in some kind of bliss about this threat. Recently I have come across this information and I hope this article is useful to all.

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