Monday, August 2, 2010



Facebook commonly called as FB has been the fastest growing social networking website among all is also known for its entertaining activities such as games and other fun events. Though it has tough competitions from Google, it remains the largest mainly because of its entertaining events and that’s why many people shifted from Orkut to Facebook. Lot of games such as Texas Hold’em Poker, Mafia Wars, Zoo, FarmVille Cows, FarmVille Sheep, Guitar Hero, Howzatt Cricket, Modern Warfare, Plants vs Zombies, Mario Kart, Rock Band etc are rocking and most of these games should be played with the supportive help from the friends of a player. Some games require certain number of people in order to finish a particular job in the game. It’s a group fun and lot of people join face book community mainly to play these games. Some people consider these games to be their high priority application in face book and play these games in order to show others that they are the leaders in that particular game. As these games are never ending, it gives a lot of fun and excitement and also it introduce many new contests during the course of the game which adds to the excitement of the players. Google is trying hard in creating GoogleMe to compete with Facebook with lots of new applications and games. Let’s wait and watch the competition and its really going to be a great fun to the gamers.

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