Sunday, September 19, 2010


Those who love travelling, Alaska would be an unforgettable place giving unmemorable fun and adventurous experience. Alaska has always been a destination for a perfect vacation for all the travelers as it offers all kind of sport, fun and attraction. Glaciers and the mountains should be your first step in your Alaska journey if you want to explore the beauty of this amazing place. Is there anyone who dislikes the glaciers and its beauty? I am sure no one would and to sustain it, thousands of tourists are visiting Alaska each year only to observe the coastal glaciers, part of the Kenai Fjords National Park. The Arctic National Wildlife Refuge gives stunning views and experience, especially if you want to see the legendary Alaska Mountains and to enjoy the Arctic coast.
Denali State Park is a place famous for winter sports. If you visit Alaska during October or November, don’t miss hiking on the Mount McKinley. It is so adventurous. You can also find the Yukon River which is more than 1000 miles long with fascinating history. If is the first time and not aware of anything there, don’t worry as The National Park Service is providing different explore tours. The 11–day Best of Alaska package is known as the best, for it is offering visiting cities, traveling by land and sea and adventurous activities in the wildlife parks.
Alaskan cruises are more popular when it comes to an exploring journey. The cruise ships start from Vancouver and Seattle. Every year, the cruise liners are showing the stunning nature of Alaska during May to September. In the month of June and July, you can enjoy viewing the Orcas – one of the most famous Alaskan types of whales. Gulf of Alaska Cruise is more prominent of all cruises. It is also known as Glacier Route Cruise and it follows the most beautiful Alaskan glaciers.

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