Thursday, September 23, 2010


Hope you all are aware of Hacking. It is the process of achieving access to a computer or computer network without legal authorization .It has been tried by people of all ages, but in particular teenagers and young adults are more interested in it. i dont need ro say about the famous social networking website, Facebook with more than 500 million active users. Have you ever wanted to gain access to someone else's facebook account? Well here i have mentioned some ways to hack a facebook password.

Facebook phishing is the most common method. In this method, spoofed page (fake facebook login page) is used so that user gets fool and enter his login id and password. This process requires specialized knowledge and high level skills but can be done by anyone following the step by step instructions. The easy way of hacking id of facebook is by Keylogging with the help of software called Keylogger. Person who knows the computer basics can handle this method. Social Engineering is nothing but the method of receiving password through their answers of security questions. You can also use some links asking questions about his personal information and password. Hackers also use Primary email address hack method where they first hacks your primary email address on yahoo or gmail and then use forgot password technique to get the facebook password. When the hacker asks for password by clicking forgot password button, an email containing password is sent to your primary email address which is already hacked by the user.
This article is just to give information about the threats on facebook to create awareness among the users. It is advisable to change your password time to time. It is an offence if hackers steal private information or changes some financial or personal data. All the types of unauthorized access can lead the hacker towards the prison for 20 years. 

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