Friday, December 2, 2011


Sex school for 16 year old students… Do you believe this? Yes. Its true and you have to believe this. Ylva-Maria Thompson, an enterprising Swedish schoolmistress has opened the world's first international sex school in Vienna for the students over the age of 16 to teach the art of being better lovers. It looks strange for the people because it has been considered as an activity which should be learned behind closed doors, whereas Thompson thinks in a different way. The Austrian International Sex School offers 'hands on' lessons in seduction for 1,400 pounds a term. This college is termed as 'the world's first college of applied sexuality'.

Students are expected to practice their 'homework' in a co-ed dormitory block and by the end of their course, they are awarded a qualification. They feel that their core education is not theoretical, but very practical and the emphasis is on how to be a better lover. The school, however, has already turned controversial in Austria with it raunchy advertisements showing a couple making love having already invited ban by Austrian TV.


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