Tuesday, January 10, 2012


It is very rare to find a people without eye power glass because of environmental changes and pollution and also everyone is supposed to expose their eyes towards the radiation from computer and television for their survival and entertainment. So no one considers it as a defect instead they want to expose themselves more stylish with the glasses. Nowadays you could find lot of terms and technicalities in the glass manufacturing industry which people really trying understand what is behind each technology. But in their busy work schedule, we can’t expect everyone to be aware of new technology called oleophobic coating.

What is Oleophobic Coating? It is the latest coating technology which helps in preventing reflections to exist on the lens face and resistant to fingerprints. So, now one needs not to worry about finger print on glasses. This special coating helps you to drive comfortably during night hours and also reduce the reflective light while taking photographs.

We always wish to have a thing which is worth of money we spend. People may doubt about their quality because of availability of glasses with latest technology at cheaper rates when compared to other manufacturers. Difference between Zenni and other companies is in the way they spend money for marketing. Zenni do not go with high budget advertisement or middle man for marketing its product whereas the other companies do so. They never advertise but their quality speaks for them. I am sure getting glasses of great quality at a good price is possible only from Zenni optical.

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