Sunday, June 30, 2013

Missing or invalid version of SQL library PSORA

When I tried logging into data mover after creating a shell database in Windows OS, below  error popped up. Also once I have experienced the same error in log file while booting up the application server domain. 

PeopleSoft has been making the move from a 32bit application to a 64bit application and it would be working everywhere in 64bit mode, except for in windows. So if you encounter this error, make sure that the 32-bit libraries are installed and are being referred to for the client. Install 32 bit Oracle client, provide listener configuration information in it and add the 32-bit bin path in pointing to 'Add to PATH' parameter in psappsrv.cfg and try to login. Your issue will be resolved. Also ensure the DBBIN parameter in psprcsrv.cfg points to 32-bit Oracle bin path.

Monday, June 24, 2013

INDIA Lifts ICC Champions Trophy 2013

India once again proved everyone that they are the real champions after defeating England in ICC Champions Trophy final and retains the No 1 spot in One-Day International team list. India has won all five of their matches after a pair of warm-up victories in this Champions Trophy, thereby backing up their 2011 World Cup win with another ODI trophy. India has won six games in succession in the ICC Champions Trophy and also is the first team to win the final of the ICC Champions Trophy batting first.

This is the rightly balanced team with an average age of 26-27 and energetic lads like Virat Kohli, Suresh Raina, Ravindra Jadeja, Rohit Sharma, Shikhar Dhawan and Dinesh Karthik who have show and n the world what they are capable of, it came to such a point that the international media covering the tournament labeled the Indians the best fielding unit in the world — something unheard of in the past. 

MS Dhoni (31), the oldest of current team is the first captain to win all three ICC trophies - ICC World Cup, ICC World Twenty20 and the ICC Champions Trophy. Shikhar Dhawan has established an Indian record for the highest run-aggregate with strike rate of 100-plus in an ICC Champions Trophy competition - 363 runs (ave.90.75) in five matches, including two hundreds and a fifty. He has also received his first Player of the series award in ODIs. Ravindra Jadeja is the leading wicket-taker with 12 wickets at 12.83 runs apiece. He is the MOM of the final and is his fourth MOM award against England is his seventh in ODIs.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Rafael Nadal wins Eighth French Open Title

Rafael Nadal became the first man to win the same Grand Slam tournament eight times after beating David Ferrer 6-3 6-2 6-3 on Sunday with all his trademark shots - back-foot, inside-out forehand, sizzling and spinning. Rafael Nadal was sidelined by a serious knee injury for nearly eight months and he said that he had feared winning an eighth French Open title would be "impossible". But his comeback has been remarkable, with Roland Garros his seventh title in nine tournaments, and he leads the 2013 standings with 43 wins and just two defeats. 2013 has been a remarkable year for him. Ferrer was playing in his first Grand Slam final against a man he had only beaten four times in 23 matches.

All-time win-loss ratio at French Open
59-01:  Rafael Nadal
58-14:  Roger Federer
58-17:  Guillermo Vilas
53-12:  Ivan Lendl
53-14:  Jaroslav Drobny 

Most wins at a Grand Slam

Rafael Nadal
French Open
Richard Sears
US C'ships
William Renshaw
Bill Larned
US C'ships
Bill Tilden
US C'ships
Pete Sampras
Roger Federer

Sampras ended up with 14 and Roger Federer has 17 but they're the only men who've won more than Nadal.

Friday, June 7, 2013

World's Highest-Paid Athletes (2013)

 *Below list is validated as on June 2013

Rank Player's Name Earnings Sport
1 Tiger Woods $78.1 M Golf
2 Roger Federer $71.5 M Tennis
3 Kobe Bryant $61.9 M Basketball
4 LeBron James $59.8 M  Basketball
5 Drew Brees  $51 M Football
6 Aaron Rodgers $49 M Football
7 Phil Mickelson $48.7 M Golf
8 David Beckham $47.2 M Soccer
9 Cristiano Ronaldo $44 M Soccer
10 Lionel Messi $41.3 M Soccer
11 Tom Brady $38.3 M Football
12 Derrick Rose $37.4 M Football
13 Joe Flacco $36.8 M Football
14 Floyd Mayweather $34 M Boxing
14 Manny Pacquiao $34 M Boxing
16 Mahendra Singh Dhoni $31.5 M Cricket
17 Kevin Durant $30.9 M Basketball
18 Alex Rodriguez $30.3 M Baseball
19 Fernando Alonso $30 M Racing
19 Peyton Manning $30 M Football
21 Rory McIlroy $29.6 M Golf
22 Maria Sharapova $29 M Tennis
23 Dwyane Wade $28.9 M Basketball
24 Tony Romo $28.8 M Football
25 Carmelo Anthony $28 M Basketball
26 Lewis Hamilton $27.5 M Racing
27 Amar'e Stoudemire $27 M Basketball
28 Novak Djokovic $26.9 M Tennis
29 Dwight Howard $26.5 M Basketball
30 Rafael Nadal $26.4 M Tennis
31 Calvin Johnson $26.3 M Football
32 Dale Earnhardt, Jr. $26 M Racing
33 Ray Rice $25.8 M Football
34 Joe Mauer $25.5 M Baseball
34 Johan Santana $25.5 M Baseball
36 Derek Jeter $25.4 M Baseball
37 Felix Hernandez $25.3 M Baseball
38 Dwayne Bowe $24.9 M Football
39 Josh Hamilton $24.7 M Baseball
40 Usain Bolt $24.2 M Track
41 Jimmie Johnson $24 M Racing
41 Wladimir Klitschko $24 M Boxing
43 Prince Fielder $23.8 M Baseball
44 CC Sabathia $23.6 M Baseball
45 Vincent Jackson $23.4 M Football
46 Miguel Cabrera $23 M Baseball
47 Cliff Lee $22.9 M Baseball
47 Mark Teixeira $22.9 M Baseball
49 Cole Hamels $22.7 M Baseball
50 Matt Schaub $22.3 M Football
51 Valentino Rossi $22 M Motorcycle
52 Sachin Tendulkar $22 M Cricket
53 Clay Matthews $21.8 M Football
53 Chris Paul $21.8 M Basketball
55 Zack Grienke $21.7 M Baseball
56 Gilbert Arenas $21.6 M Basketball
57 Pau Gasol $21.5 M Basketball
58 Dirk Nowitzki $21.4 M Basketball
59 Adrian Gonzalez $21.2 M Baseball
59 Vernon Wells $21.2 M Baseball
61 Wayne Rooney $21.1 M Soccer
62 Ryan Howard $21 M Baseball
63 Sergio Aguero $20.9 M Soccer
64 Didier Drogba $20.8 M Soccer
64 Joe Johnson $20.8 M Basketball
64 Justin Verlander $20.8 M Baseball
67 Yaya Touré $20.7 M Soccer
68 Roy Halladay $20.5 M Baseball
68 Neymar $20.5 M Soccer
68 Serena Williams $20.5 M Tennis
71 Tim Lincecum $20.1 M Baseball
72 Carl Crawford $20 M Baseball
73 Fernando Torres $20 M Soccer
74 Barry Zito $19.9 M Baseball
75 Chris Bosh $19.8 M Basketball
76 Zlatan Ibrahimovic $19.7 M Soccer
77 Ichiro Suzuki $19.6 M Baseball
78 Ernie Els $19.5 M Golf
79 Kaka $19.3 M Soccer
80 Deron Williams $19.2 M Basketball
81 Brandt Snedeker $19 M Golf
82 Paul Pierce $18.8 M Basketball
83 Tony Stewart $18.5 M Racing
84 Carl Nicks $18.3 M Football
85 Jeff Gordon $18.2 M Racing
85 Li Na $18.2 M Tennis
85 Carlos Tevez $18.2 M Soccer
88 Alfonso Soriano $18.1 M Baseball
89 Sebastian Vettel $18 M Racing
90 Matt Cain $17.4 M Baseball
90 Matt Holliday $17.4 M Baseball
92 Michael Young $17.3 M Baseball
93 Rudy Gay $17.2 M Basketball
93 Steven Gerrard $17.2 M Soccer
95 Zach Randolph $17 M Basketball
96 Russell Westbrook $16.9 M Basketball
97 Andrew Bynum $16.7 M Basketball
98 A.J. Burnett $16.6 M Baseball
98 Brandon Roy $16.6 M Basketball
100 Samuel Eto'o $16.4 M Soccer