Wednesday, December 30, 2009


A study shows that women think that funny men are smarter and more likely to be honest than others. Although studies have shown that humour is not linked to intelligence, Women have evolved to find intelligence in it because it suggests that a man will be a good provider for her and her children. Women believe humour as an indication of a guy's intelligence, an attractive quality and only a clever man should be more able to provide resources for his offspring. Some celebrities stated that ‘being funny helped him to attract women from his teenage years onwards’. Also people don’t look at physical imperfections if he is provided with humorous character

To rate the attractiveness of a sense of humour in the study, 45 heterosexual women were asked to read shorts descriptions of themselves compiled by 20 men, 10 of which were scored as extremely funny and 10 as only slightly funny. The women were then asked how intelligent and honest they thought that the men were and how likely they would be to go on to develop a friendship or a long-term relationship with them. The findings show that men who used the funniest descriptions of themselves were thought to be significantly more intelligent than those who weren't as witty. The women in the study also judged the men who had a good sense of humour as more honest and said that they would be better catch for a long-term relationship. While women appear to prefer men who makes them laugh, the same does not hold true when the sexes are reversed - and men are not more attracted to funny girls.

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