Friday, December 25, 2009


These days our kids seem to be too much preoccupied with the video games most of them have forgotten or not interested in going out and play which is bad news in terms of health and their development. It has become our duty to make them go out and play either with their friends or with the toys. One sure way to make them play physically is by buying them toy cars which can make them occupied with it for hours and hence getting the much needed physical activities we are yearning for.The other toys that you can try to make them active are HPI Savage cars and trucks which is a more advanced version than that of the remote controlled cars. If only if you could try stuff like these and making them play as much as they can, outside, then you can see good results in terms of their behavior as well as health and development soon. As video games are more fun when played to its limits and if one exceeds the limit then it means you are asking for trouble. But nowadays there arises a problem of chemicals used in the production of toys seems to be toxic to the children and hence it is better to choose non-toxic toys, but should be allowed only till 5 or 6 years of age at a maximum. then after everyone should be exposed to sports activities which keeps them perfect and fit.

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