Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Recently I have come across this info and I hope it would be useful to all especially iPhone guys. Linux on the iPhone have made yet another development by porting Android OS to iPhone 3G device. Android ports have been available for a vast majority of Android based devices in the past, however, here is killer port which you can install on your iPhone 3G. This Android port on iPhone 3G allows you to perform all activities except for those which require audio in it. The iPhone 3G port of Android is now ready to download and install. It has got a functional port on iPhone 3G which is quite an achievement. The port uses OpeniBoot custom boot loader. Those who ported Android on iPhone 3G look forward to tweak the port files for better power management, back light control and most importantly audio. Apple’s iPhone has been one of the elusive which could not achieve this feat, but rest assured it is possible now and user can install an Android OS on their iPhone 3G now. you can browse the web and even send-receives SMS. This port also brings under the hood updates and several improvements for better stability and reliability.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


The new Aspire AS5740-5847 Notebook Acer continues to surprise all with an impressive style, advanced functionality with portability wonderful. All of us had been waiting for this moment and he is here now, we have finally got their hands on Acer Aspire space new laptop. With extended hours of the power of life, it is possible to make this notebook you want all day. The laptop does not weigh much compared to other laptops in its class; we could say it is fairly easy. I could not really point out, this particular laptop and see what we really have a candidate for 2010 best laptops.

Driven by new technologies for the implementation of the processor, you can perform multiple tasks very easy, it goes without saying, with the strong support of RAM, the couple made this monster laptop. The graphics processor used for this notebook, you can easily launch video games more I think the latest video games cannot cope without complications.
The touchpad is a gloss with a little help for multi-touch actions. The buttons are easy with the side of the thumb and press him on a quick click is pressed once. The keyboard is a variant style chic let laptop; the keys feel very good at your fingertips and it offers high resolution monitor.

Saturday, May 22, 2010


Pakistan has blocked the popular video sharing website YouTube for 'blasphemy'. The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) directed Internet service providers to stop access to social network Facebook indefinitely because of an online competition to draw the Prophet Mohammad. CEO of an Internet service provider said, PTA issued an order seeking an ‘immediate’ blockade of YouTube. It was a serious instruction as they wanted us to do it quickly.YouTube was also blocked in the Muslim country in 2007 for about a year for what it called un-Islamic videos. A PTA official said, the action was taken after the authority determined that some caricatures of the Prophet Mohammad were transferred from Facebook to YouTube. Any representation of the Prophet Mohammad is deemed un-Islamic and blasphemous by Muslims.Publications of similar cartoons in Danish newspapers in 2005 sparked deadly protests in Muslim countries in which 50 people were killed during violent protests. Al Qaeda claimed responsibility for a suicide attack on Denmark's embassy in Islamabad in 2008, killing six people, saying it was in revenge for publication of the caricatures.

Thursday, May 20, 2010


An Ethernet switch is what allows multiple computers to connect to one Internet connection. It serves the same purpose as a network hub, but with an Ethernet switch, you have the ability to manage the traffic that passes through it. You can find Ethernet switches that are stand alone devices for home or office use, or you can find those that are rack mounted and can handle a large network. Ethernet switches will vary widely in their capabilities of traffic management, so remember to clearly define your requirements before picking a unit. Let's look at how to install an Ethernet switch.

Start by connecting your modem to the Internet line. No matter if you have DSL, cable or satellite Internet, the modem is what brings the signal to your computer or network of computers. Connect one end of the Ethernet cable to the modem. Most Ethernet cables you'll work with will be a Cat 5 or Cat 6 Ethernet cable. Connect the Ethernet switch to the slot one in the modem. This makes it easier to tell the cables apart.

Connect the other end of your cable to a different slot on your Ethernet switch. Connect the other end of the cable to the computer you are connecting to the Internet.

Additional cables can be attached to other Ethernet switches and connected to other computers. You could conceivably connect a whole network of computers for a large business, or even several family computers for a home setup. If you're setting up a large network, consider using Ethernet switches that are higher end and give you more control over bandwidth. This will help mitigate latency and allow for greater bandwidth to your systems, providing the flow where you need it the most.

Like the arteries in the circulatory system, Ethernet switches create many routes for your Internet to multiple computers. They give you control over the flow so you can provide considerable bandwidth to a large, complex network. The quality of Ethernet switch you need depends on the complexity of your computer system configurations.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


It would be really frustrating when your computer has a poor performance because of the outdated software in the eleventh hour time. Once if you face such a situation, you cannot go with search engines to find the latest software as it takes much time and it is impossible for you to do it so as in the case mentioned above. In such a situation you can rely on driver access, which is easy to use application that determines the hardware devices that have been installed in your computer and automatically updates your computer drivers and helps your system to run smoothly. They have drivers that are compatible with various popular manufacturers. You can get this driver from the website driveraccess.com, one of the best companies that produce high quality software that solves the computer poor performances. 

Driver access has two special features such as Latest Drivers - scans your system for outdated drivers and updates as required using its large database and Backup & Restore - to take backups of existing drivers and store it in secondary storage devices like flash drives etc. It is guaranteed that all drivers will be detected by Driver Access when one scans the computer and all problems can be diagnosed and rectified immediately.

With driver access, the latest versions of the drivers can be installed in 2 minutes and all the drivers that are installed are completely compliant with the system. It is completely safe and has no virus or malware. The safety and effectiveness of driver access is shown by the fact that it features on the websites of many software. So far, there are more than 5 million drivers in the data base of Driver Access. Try it and enjoy the maximum performances for your computer with this driver.

Monday, May 17, 2010


The English men have finally achieved their 35 years of world cup thirsty. Many people thought England was the underdog team playing against the mighty Australians on the ICC T20 world cup 2010 final. But the results proved otherwise and England beat Australia in the finals to win the coveted title in the match held at Barbados. Right from the beginning of the match, England was on the driver seat by reducing Australia to eight for 3. Finally with the help of Hussey brothers, aussies managed to score 147 for 6. This target looked so simple after a magnificent partnership between Kieswetter and Pietersen who put on 111 runs for the second wicket partnership. Kieswetter managed 63 runs while Pieterson made 47 runs out of 31 balls, thus finished at 151 for 3 with 3 overs to spare. Kieswetter was named the man of the match and Kevin Pietersen was adjudged the man of the tournament after his many match winning contributions to his team.

So far England managed to reach the finals of three world cup in 1979, 1987 and 1992 but lost on all three occasions. With four imports like Lumb, Kieswetter, Pietersen and Morgan, England looked more like an IPL team with four foreign players. However, finally they have achieved this hard target. Kudos to England and Paul Collingwood, who led the team to the finals. Mahela Jayawardene (SL) remains highest scorer of this tournament. On the other hand, Australian women bags the same title in women cricket.

Saturday, May 15, 2010



Internet and broadband users of India are increasingly becoming the victims of vicious phishing attacks which results in identity theft, danger to life, financial fraud etc. Recently, Gmail users received a legal notice asking them to update their account details for security reasons. "Gmail Team is working on total security on all accounts in order to make Gmail better as ever and as a result of this security upgrade we require all Gmail members to verify their account with Google. To prevent your account from disability you will have to update your account by clicking the reply button and filling the space below," the mail read. The legal notice from Gmail wanted users to refurbish their account name, password, occupation, birth date and country of residence. It also carried a threat that users who did not update their details within 7 days of receiving the warning would lose their account permanently.

However, Google spokesperson said, "Some spammers send fraudulent mass-messages designed to collect personal information, called 'spoofing' or 'password phishing’. We always advise our users to be wary of any message that asks for your personal information, or messages that refer you to a webpage asking for personal information. Google or Gmail does not send unsolicited mass messages asking for passwords or personal information; even if the message asking for it claims to be from us, please don't believe it." So it is advised to be investigative and use logic (BIUL) when using the Net in order to improve your personal Internet security levels.

Friday, May 14, 2010


Dr Stephen Hughes, a physicist from Queensland University of Technology, Sydney has discovered an error in the Oxford Dictionary that went unnoticed for 99 years. He claims that he has discovered the dictionary's definition of the word "siphon" has been incorrect since 1911. While the dictionary mentions that a siphon works due to atmospheric pressure, the actual force that works behind it is gravitational force. He added that "It is gravity that moved the fluid in a siphon, with the water in the longer downward arm pulling the water up the shorter arm”. He has informed this error to the respective people working over it and it is believed to have the correct meaning in the forthcoming edition of Oxford Dictionary.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Capture Exciting Moments with High Quality CD\DVD

In this modern era, can you show anyone who does not heard the word computer? Definitely you can’t. It has become a part of our life and we rely on it. But we cannot say it is 100% reliable, as some data loss may occur due to some virus or physical default which may affect us in case if the lost document is very important. Moreover we can’t dump all the data in the hard disk as it would affect the system performance. The only way which is followed universally is taking back up either in CDs or DVDs depending on the data size. As I said about the importance of data already, it is must to with the quality CD/DVD.

In the market, you can find lots of companies which will provide you with the best blank DVD that you like to have. However, most manufacturers of blank DVD are capable of burning both and format it as they want. If you like to have the new advance of blank DVD or blank CD, I can suggest you the GotMedia.com which provides many kinds of blank DVD and CD with high quality and latest technology that you want to save some pictures that remind you the beautiful moments of the past. I believe everyone loves making all beautiful moments to be everlasting by doing such memorizing and you should be one of them.

The blank CD\DVD also has various kinds of brands and you should choose that suits your need. The best choice for any application that you like to have in your blank DVD will be your choices whether it be archiving or not for you. Every kind of blank CD brand has different top surfaces available for printing with a thermal transfer printer, so you can easily print your picture or any document. One online store that we can rely on is Gotmedia.com where we can find rich collection of those high qualities of DVD-R, CD-R, Flash Drives, etc.

Sunday, May 2, 2010


Google Chrome gained significant usage share last month, and it again trounced Firefox. By the end of April Chrome accounted for 6.7% of the browsers that surfed to the sites monitored by Calif.-based Net Applications for its clients. Chrome boosted its share by 0.6 percentage points, by far the largest increase of any browser for the month, and the second-highest increase since Google launched the application in September 2008. Internet Explorer dropped 0.7 percentage points to finish the month at 59.95%, the first time that IE has fallen under the 60% mark.
Mozilla Firefox, on the other hand, was up last month, albeit by only 0.07 percentage points to 24.6%. Once considered a lock to hit and then move beyond the 25% bar, Firefox has yet to reach the milestone. Mozilla's bright spot was that it has convinced nearly two-thirds of its users to upgrade to the newest Firefox, Version 3.6, which launched in January. By the end of April, 62.3% of all Firefox users were running the newest edition, while 23.6% ran 2009's Firefox 3.5 and 11.2% ran the now-unsupported Firefox 3.0.

Microsoft's newest browser, IE8, also showed strong gains last month as its market share grew by one percentage point to 24.7%; when its "compatibility view" is included, IE8 accounted for 27.6% of all browsers. Apple Inc’s Safari remained at 4.7%. Meanwhile, Opera Software's eponymous desktop browser lost share to end the month at 2.3%