Sunday, May 2, 2010


Google Chrome gained significant usage share last month, and it again trounced Firefox. By the end of April Chrome accounted for 6.7% of the browsers that surfed to the sites monitored by Calif.-based Net Applications for its clients. Chrome boosted its share by 0.6 percentage points, by far the largest increase of any browser for the month, and the second-highest increase since Google launched the application in September 2008. Internet Explorer dropped 0.7 percentage points to finish the month at 59.95%, the first time that IE has fallen under the 60% mark.
Mozilla Firefox, on the other hand, was up last month, albeit by only 0.07 percentage points to 24.6%. Once considered a lock to hit and then move beyond the 25% bar, Firefox has yet to reach the milestone. Mozilla's bright spot was that it has convinced nearly two-thirds of its users to upgrade to the newest Firefox, Version 3.6, which launched in January. By the end of April, 62.3% of all Firefox users were running the newest edition, while 23.6% ran 2009's Firefox 3.5 and 11.2% ran the now-unsupported Firefox 3.0.

Microsoft's newest browser, IE8, also showed strong gains last month as its market share grew by one percentage point to 24.7%; when its "compatibility view" is included, IE8 accounted for 27.6% of all browsers. Apple Inc’s Safari remained at 4.7%. Meanwhile, Opera Software's eponymous desktop browser lost share to end the month at 2.3%

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