Friday, July 9, 2010


I hope the sun would start rising in the west soon as things are happening which people never expects. To add a counterpart to it, Apple has surpassed Microsoft in market capitalization, so Steve Job’s becomes the largest technology company in the world. The Apple market value exceeds that of Microsoft for the first time in its history. This means that if someone now wants to buy Apple, would have to spend more money than if Microsoft wanted to buy. Until 2001, we use to talk about the iPod effect that caused an explosion of sales of Apple’s music player. The iPhone OS, the operating system which has sold multitouch million units of iPhone, iPod touch is the primary factor that makes Apple surpassing Microsoft in market value and now the IPAD do the same action. Still the thirst has not decreased as Apple will have its annual developer’s conference soon to introduce the new iPhone with lot of additional features which could increase sales, together with the value of the shares. Steve Jobs must be celebrating with his board of directors and let’s see how Microsoft is going to react.

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