Friday, August 13, 2010


Have you ever heard the name voltaren? If you are among the one who got recovered from knee or back pain all of a sudden, then you should have known it. I can say it as a miracle drug as it took me from ignorance to elegance. My friend’s dad was severely affected by knee pain and he could not even make few steps. I suggested lot of medicines and everyone was in vain resulting in loss of money and side effects like swollen in eye. We lost the hope and at last we tried voltaren and to my surprise, within 5 days of full doses of this medication, he felt like a new man and his pain has gone and very manageable with this medicine. Once he was advised to have knee replacements as his sufferings were horrible. But after this medication with no surgery and no replacements, now he looks fresh and energetic accompanying us in shopping, play grounds and this tremendous change is incredible. That’s why said it as a miracle drug and I wish this should serve better to many people.



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  2. I have suffered with horrible feet pain...arches..and then up the inside of my right leg from the ankle bone...for 3 years! I would rub, massage, cry, get cortisone shots in my arches....agony is the word....thought I was going to have to quit work and surprised by the diflonac 75mg....It is a MIRACLE DRUG!!! Pain gone by next morning!!!!