Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Hi friends. Everyday, I almost use to spend half of the day with my laptop and I was terribly shocked to hear the report published by the University Of North Carolina School Of Medicine. According to the report, too much use of computer notebooks could lead to physical ailments such as muscle soreness in the back and the shoulders, headaches and even carpal tunnel syndrome. In particular laptops were mentioned as being more likely to result in long term physical pain, because of their unified physical construction and design that offer few options of use. As we are supposed to look down into the screen and due to the hunched back posture, we are facing spinal problem and even the eyes are getting affected. Due to awkward placement during typing of small, even cramped keyboards, nerve damage to the wrists that occurs. It happens for the people of all the ages and in particular the business working people and the students. It cannot be avoided, but still can adopt some preventive measures such as Proper seating posture, using large monitor while at your desk, taking breaks every 20 minutes to change position and to stretch muscles and finally drinking plenty of water with the addition of some natural fruits and vegetables with your daily food items.

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