Wednesday, July 27, 2011


When it comes to marketing field, the role of sales people is significant as they are responsible for the act of completion of a commercial activity. Each and every salesman represents the company on the selling end of a deal. Their primary function is to educate prospects, fill needs and satisfy the requirements of consumers. The salesmen are managed by sales manager who routes everyone as per the requirement. 

Without a proper system no one can track the sales information and everyone should have a proper training to begin with. Every sales manager prays to get a team full of superstars. But that does not happen often and is not an easy task. Usually the team would be comprised of 10 to 15 percent of excellent performers, 30 to 40 percent of normal performers and the rest would be below standard. This difference has come from the way they were trained. Salesforce Training should be perfect, dynamic, satisfactory, and trustworthy that results in enhancing the individual’s skills and makes them to understand the system being followed. It should make the sale person to give the necessary information that encourages a buyer to achieve their goal at an economic cost.

A good salesman should never miss-sell or over-evaluates the customer's requirements. Getting all your employees using the system correctly to track all customer contact, potential opportunities can be achieved through proper Salesforce Implementation. It is a good option to track the business process and progress and also it is very helpful in tracking the emails and calls that your business receives on a day to day basis which ultimately results in progress of business performance.

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