Thursday, November 24, 2011


In spite of huge database of video converters available in market for conversion of videos from different formats, Macintosh users often face a hinder while trying to play windows compatible formats due to difference in operation between Windows and Mac OS. 4Media video converter for Mac is one of the most versatile video converters that can be adopted for a better quality conversion of video with many user-friendly features. This enables users to easily convert any windows compatible video format to the Mac compatible format within seconds with excellent quality output. With the video codec interface optimized, the efficiency of the video encoding has been satisfactorily increased.

When you look for dvd ripper for Mac, there are some factors need to be noticed for better performance. Speed is the main factor and as a rule, the time it takes to rip a DVD should be half the time of the length of the DVD. Instead of going with the product straight away, always take advantage of a product’s trial period to determine if it fits your work flow. A good DVD ripping application would have the ability to choose from several different video formats such as MP4, MOV, AVI, & MPEG-2 and codec options like H.264, MPEG-4, WMV. Since most DVDs are ripped to be viewed on a computer device, a good DVD ripper should have good frame size resolution & aspect ratios options for better output. Bitrate manipulation is  the key to ripping high quality videos. To rip a high quality video, it is better to choose a high bitrate (1000-3000 kbps), to rip a low quality video choose a low bitrate (500-800 kbps). Conversion diversity i.e., total range of video files that the software can accept and convert into another video format and Encryption/decryption capability are other important factors to be noted.

iPad has its own place in terms of popularity with which one can enjoy movies, music, e-books, and audio books. iPad video converter is a powerful Converter that help users to convert DVD to iPad/iPad 2, convert video to iPad/iPad 2, transfer video/music/pictures to iPad/iPad 2. There are some main functions such as trimming and cropping video and also video brightness and contrast, audio volume can be set. Merging multiple videos into single one is possible. You can set the movie effects, add text and pictures watermark and it Supports batch video to iPad conversion. Built-in player with practical screen shot ability and advanced codec settings for professional better quality are the added advantages.

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