Saturday, February 11, 2012


A new revolution through biotechnology in the form of Bionic eye for blind people is about to come into existence shortly. Researchers feel that the bionic eyes for the blind will be ready for human trials by 2013. This bionic eye implant will help people who have lost their sight through traumatic injury or tumors or with diseases affecting eyes like glaucoma and retinal disorders. The implant is based on a small chip that is surgically implanted behind the retina, at the back of the eyeball. An ultra-thin wire strengthens the damaged optic nerve which servers to transmit light and images to the brain's vision system, where it is normally processed. According to the scientists, these implants do not require a functioning eyeball or optic nerve or visual pathways from eye to brain. The device can also be tuned for use in different environments, both indoors and outdoors. The users may have to wear special eye glasses containing a tiny battery-powered camera and a transmitter, which would send images to the chip implanted behind the retina. The device is both water-proof and corrosion-proof and is expected to will last for at least 10 years inside the eye. Although the device will not be able to restore the eye sight of the entire blind community, I feel many people will be benefited from the technology. Always it will be a nice feeling when technology helps for the better survival of human.

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