Saturday, April 11, 2009


If you move into a rundown building off a national highway in Howrah you will be ushered in by a skeleton to a cob webbed dining hall, don't shriek.Ghosts will take orders from you with a welcome smile and goblins will pop out of frames on walls to sit beside you in a ghost restaurant being constructed by world-famous conjuror P C Sorcar (junior).The restaurant is coming up on a secluded spot beside the National Highway-6, a few kms from Kolkatta.The dilapidated look of the house, which has graves in the compound, spooky pictures on the walls and small windows, will be accentuated by diffused lighting, laser rays and animated models. Imagine how it will be like if a waiter takes off his own head and puts it on plate while noting orders from the customer, or if a ghoul springs up from the nearby grave and sits next to you. Or a goblin walks out of the picture frame and asks your name.If one stays till the end, he will only become less superstitious by knowing magic is nothing but science and ghostly acts are all executed by humans.
"My purpose is not to start a restaurant business and make profits; I want to provide unadulterated fun to people of all ages and educate people about what magic is all about. It is nothing supernatural, god-gifted, but plain science," Sorcar (junior), says.I am sure it will be a one-stop destination for tourists and local people.So, here's wishing you a nervous dinner

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