Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Firefox OS vs Android OS

Firefox is a well known and one of the best web browser which often have some fights with Internet explorer and Google chrome. There will be always some new releases, version updates and addition of new features to stay in the race over other browsers and so always people can find the Firefox against the word ‘versus’ in articles. Even this time Firefox is going to compete but with its new face. Yeah, this time it is Firefox versus Android in terms of Operating System (OS). The upcoming mobile operating system by Mozilla is expected to arrive before March 2013 and the first device with Firefox OS will cost less than $100 which is comparatively cheaper than the Android operating system from Google. 

Firefox is planning to launch its own HTML5-based mobile OS which is mainly for Smartphone. This platform ensures that the web apps will be compatible with all editions of the OS released till date.  Firefox OS will not need expensive hardware and hence Smartphone will be available in market at cheaper prices without affecting its features. Phones running on Firefox OS will have all the standard features such as camera, Bluetooth, USB port and Near Field Communication. Since we get lot of features at cheaper price, we can say this as dual-beneficial product.

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