Monday, March 11, 2013


Step 1: Deploy the new site (forgotpassword) in the existing portal web server.
new URL: http://webserver_hostname:port/psp/sitename/?cmd=login

Step 2: Create a new web profile (FORGOTPWD) in Portal.

Step 3a: Create a permission list called MAILPSWD.  Add the Menu named MAINTAIN_SECURITY under Pages tab.

Step 3b: Edit the menu and find the component called EMAIL_PSWD with the description forgot My Password. Edit the pages and select all.

Step 3c: Next go to the Component Interface tab of this same Permission List, add and give full access to the USERMAINT_SELF component.

Step 3d: Next go to the Web Libraries tab of this same Permission List and add the WEBLIB_PORTAL and WEBLIB_PT_NAV web libraries edit and give FULL access to ALL iscripts. Save.


Step 4: Create a Role called ‘Forgot Password’ and Add the Permission List you just created.

Step 5: Create a new User called FORGOTPASSWORD. Create a password (case sensitive) for this user and remember it. You will be using it again in Public users section in web profile.

Step 6: Open a Permission List that ALL your users have in common and that is assigned to them through a common role. On the General tab, of this permission list, turn on the check box that says Allow Password to be Emailed?  Save.

Step 7a: Under PeopleTools > Security > User Profile > Forgot Password Hint. Add a new password hint (note the ID doesn't matter - just use 01, 02, etc.). Pick some question that will have a fairly short answer like What is your pet's name?, Mother’s maiden name or whatever you feel is appropriate.

Step 7b: You also need to go under PeopleTools > Security > User Profile > Forgot My Password Email Text to add whatever comments you want returned on the email you are sending to users.

Step 8a: Go to My System Profile. Make sure that this user has a valid email address. You will want to make sure ALL other user profiles that will be using this forgotten password functionality also have valid emails.

Step 8b: In My System Profile page, click on the link named Change or set up forgotten password help. Select the appropriate question to ask the user (this prompt list will list out any questions that you added in earlier step. Then fill in the answer that will correctly answer the question.

Step 9: Using Notepad, edit the signin.html file in your web server directory. search for the two lines that look like the following (hint: search for the string "pwd")

(input TYPE="password" id="pwd" name="pwd" class="PSEDITBOX")

And the following in tools 8.49 and above :

 (INPUT class=pslogineditbox id=pwd type=password size=15 name=pwd)

 Insert a new line after the first one, so that you have something that looks like this:
(A HREF="http://localhost/psc/PTSYS/EMPLOYEE/EMPL/c/MAINTAIN_SECURITY.EMAIL_PSWD.GBL") Forgot your password?(/A)**

** Replace the symbol '()' by '<>'
Step 10: Navigate to PeopleTools > Web Profile > Configure Web Profile,select the web profile we created already.

On the Security tab of the web profile, turn on the checkbox Allow Public Access and enter the FOGOTPASSWORD User ID and password.

Step 11: In your second PIA site make sure you are using the FORGOTPASSWORD web profile in your configuration.properties file for that site. Save the files and bounce your web server.

Step 12: Once you click the forgotten Password link you will be presented with the question that you setup for this user. Type in the correct answer and then you will get the password mailed to you.

NOTE: Check to make sure your SMTP setting are correct on the app server. Otherwise you will get an error that an email cannot be sent to this user. Also make sure ALL users have valid email addresses in their user profiles.
Use the new password to log on. 

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