Thursday, September 26, 2013


Tired of your password being hacked? Cybercrime is becoming increasingly problematic and a concern for online privacy. We have been trying to overcome this issue with Biometrics techniques based on fingerprints, retina scans, magic rings, and brainwaves but still forgery happens. But what if you could flawlessly manage all pins and passwords with something as unique as a heartbeat? Yes, a new device called Nymi which is a little bracelet confirms your identity with your own unique cardiac rhythm. Like fingerprints, an EKG is unique to each person, but unlike fingerprints, people don’t leave their EKG lying around every time they pick up the phone which proves this biometric that is very difficult to obtain and forge.

How does it work? The Nymi bracelet uses Bluetooth Low Energy to transmit identification to your devices and to enable the bracelet to act as a proximity sensor. It also contains an accelerometer and gyroscope for motion sensing and gesture control. It monitors your cardiac rhythm, a unique signature for each person and constantly authenticates your identity with devices by wirelessly interaction till you remove the device.  The company says that it has potential to control smart phones, computers, televisions, tablets, banking accounts, unlock car doors and even pay for coffee by waving a hand at the register.

What happens when you exercise or are under stress? The company explains that the Nymi verifies only once when you put it on.  Once it has identified you, it won't lose track of you until it is removed.  So, it is recommended to put it on in a relaxed state that you could replicate easily.

What happens if it is lost? If this bracelet is lost, it can’t be misused since the system is in sync with the owner’s heartbeat. The company claims that the system is “both tamper-proof and impossible to duplicate.” The Nymi bracelet is now available for pre-order at US$79 for the first 25,000 customers with the later price set at US$99.

So, if someone says that they want to steal your heart, be careful. They may be trying to get into your computer files :)

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