Friday, May 20, 2011


In olden days people didn’t have many facilities to spend time for entertainment and so they used to go to bed in the right time and their sleeping hours were proper. But now it’s exactly opposite to the past and people spend lot of times in terms of parties, computer games, movies etc. It’s very rare to find a people who emphasize the sleeping hours. Many people are not aware of the serious consequences of Sleep deprivation. It not only makes the day dull, but also lowers your metabolic rate causing the body to use less energy. According to a recent study, the less number of hours you sleep the more the weight you gain because of retarded burning rate of calories. Also it suggests that getting plenty sleep might even prevent weight gain. In case of missed sleep, one has to face lot of problems such as slow metabolism which reduces energy for tasks like breathing, digestion and increases blood sugar level.  The National Sleep Foundation recommends that adults should sleep for about seven to nine hours each night. So, have a sound sleep and stay healthy. Good night..Sweet dreams.

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