Saturday, September 1, 2012

How to change ACCESS ID Password

The PeopleSoft access ID is the RDBMS ID with which PeopleSoft applications are ultimately connected to your database after the PeopleSoft system connects using the connect ID and validates the User ID and password. It has all the RDBMS privileges necessary to access and manipulate data for an entire PeopleSoft application. The access ID should have Select, Update, and Delete access. Users do not know their corresponding access IDs. They just sign in with their user IDs and passwords. Behind the scenes, the system signs them into the database using the access ID.

Datamover includes a command called CHANGE_ACCESS_PASSWORD. Purpose - to reset the database password in the PSACCESSPRFL record for the database system user that typically owns the PeopleSoft schema (e.g. SYSADM for Oracle or sa for Microsoft SQL Server). 

The syntax for the command is:

The symbolic ID is the account used by PeopleSoft to link users (operators) to the system account which is stored as ACCESSID in the PSACCESSPRFL record and encrypted. Symbolic ID is present in PSOPRDEFN & PSACCESSPRFL tables.

Additional Info:  Below is the PeopleSoft tables give you releases information.
PSRELEASE       -     PeopleSoft Application Release version
PSSTATUS           -     People Tools Release version
PSLOCK               -     Object version
PS_MAINTENANCE_LOG       -   Application DB version & Bundles / Tax update info.

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