Wednesday, July 31, 2013

ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 Schedule

Pool A: 
England, Australia, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, New Zealand, Qualifier 2, Qualifier 3 

Pool B: 
South Africa, India, Pakistan, West Indies, Zimbabwe, Qualifier 1 (Ireland), Qualifier 4

(Qualifier 1,2,3 teams are yet to be decided)

Total Matches – 49       Hosts:  Australia – 26      New Zealand - 23
14-Feb Saturday  Sri Lanka vs New Zealand  Christchurch
14-Feb Saturday  England vs Australia  Melbourne
15-Feb Sunday  South Africa vs Zimbabwe  Hamilton 
15-Feb Sunday  India vs Pakistan Adelaide 
16-Feb Monday  West Indies vs Ireland  Nelson
17-Feb Tuesday  New Zealand vs Qualifier 3 Dunedin
18-Feb Wednesday  Bangladesh vs Qualifier 2  Canberra
19-Feb Thursday  Zimbabwe vs Qualifier 4 Nelson
20-Feb Friday  England vs New Zealand  Wellington
21-Feb Saturday  Pakistan vs West Indies  Christchurch
21-Feb Saturday  Australia vs Bangladesh  Brisbane 
22-Feb Sunday  Sri Lanka vs Qualifier 2 Dunedin
22-Feb Sunday  South Africa vs India  Melbourne
23-Feb Monday  England vs Qualifier 3 Christchurch
24-Feb Tuesday  West Indies vs Zimbabwe  Canberra
25-Feb Wednesday  Ireland vs Quallifier 4  Brisbane 
26-Feb Thursday  Qualifier 2 vs Qualifier 3 Dunedin
26-Feb Thursday  Sri Lanka vs Bangladesh  Melbourne
27-Feb Friday  South Africa vs West Indies  Sydney
28-Feb Saturday  Australia vs New Zealand  Auckland 
28-Feb Saturday  India vs Qualifier 4  WACA, Perth 
1-Mar Sunday  England vs Sri Lanka  Wellington
1-Mar Sunday  Pakistan vs Zimbabwe  Brisbane 
3-Mar Tuesday  South Africa vs Ireland  Canberra
4-Mar Wednesday  Pakistan vs Qualifier 4 Napier 
4-Mar Wednesday  Australia vs Qualifier 2 WACA, Perth 
5-Mar Thursday  Bangladesh vs Qualifier 3  Nelson
6-Mar Friday  India vs West Indies  WACA, Perth 
7-Mar Saturday  South Africa vs Pakistan  Auckland 
7-Mar Saturday  Zimbabwe vs Ireland  Hobart
8-Mar Sunday  New Zealand vs Qualifier 2 Napier 
8-Mar Sunday  Australia vs Sri Lanka  Sydney
9-Mar Monday  England vs Bangladesh  Adelaide 
10-Mar Tuesday  India vs Ireland  Hamilton 
11-Mar Wednesday  Sri lanka vs Qualifier 3 Hobart
12-Mar Thursday  South Africa vs Qualifier 4  Wellington
13-Mar Friday  Bangladesh vs New Zealand  Hamilton 
13-Mar Friday  England vs Qualifier 2  Sydney 
14-Mar Saturday  India vs Zimbabwe  Auckland 
14-Mar Saturday  Australia vs Qualifier 3  Hobart
15-Mar Sunday  West Indies vs Qualifier 4  Napier 
15-Mar Sunday  Pakistan vs Ireland  Adelaide 

18-Mar Wednesday  QF1  Sydney 
19-Mar Thursday  QF2  Melbourne
20-Mar Friday  QF3 Adelaide 
21-Mar Saturday  QF4  Wellington

24-Mar Tuesday  SF1  Auckland 
26-Mar Thursday  SF Sydney 

29-Mar Sunday  Final  Melbourne

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