Thursday, July 2, 2009


The government on Wednesday jacked up fuel prices by Rs 4 a litre for petrol and Rs 2 for diesel. This is the first fuel price increase effected by UPA-2. Petrol and diesel prices were last raised by Rs 5 and Rs 3 a litre, respectively, in June 2008. They were reduced by Rs 10 for petrol and Rs 4 for diesel in two equal instalments in December and January. Oil minister Murli Deora announced it without consulting the Cabinet or Cabinet Committee on Political Affairs comprising UPA partners. He said "The hike has been necessitated because of rising international crude oil prices which have doubled to $70 a barrel since December”

Why it should impact food and other items. When the fuel prices went down, prices of other products were not reduced. It should be noted that when the fuel price was decreased by rs.10/- last year, none of the basic commodity prices had gone down. Prices of essential goods only go up when the fuel price is increased and when it is brought down the result is not the same. Only the middle class people are worst affected by this. The state govts have very happily announced very healthy schemes for the poor people & have won elections, that burden is put on the middle class people.

Surely they will continue to hike the prices for the best reason - next year ministers have to install more statues, conduct more lavish marriages, make donations for gods, etc. all from our pockets. Poor people go back to your village, live without light, water as nothing is going to change. If it continues, dream project of INDIA-2020 will definitely be a dream till the end. Jai Hind


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