Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Solar eclipse starts at 5.31am in Varanasi which is being witnessed despite cloud cover. At 6am a lot of action Assi Ghat, Varanasi. The eclipse is at 60% at the moment. Thousands of bathers streaming in, chanting Hare Ram, Hare Ram. Meanwhile, Varanasi seems to be one of the only sites in the totality zone where the cloud cover is only partial, giving us breathtaking views of the sun through the naked eye as it passes through thin clouds. Sharply at 6.20am it's 4 minutes to totality. The sunshine has turned a pale yellow, it's suddenly gone dark and the noise from the bathers is reaching a crescendo and the air has suddenly turned cool.
At 6.26am, it was pure magic. Seconds before totality, a diamond ring formed in the sky sparkling with stunning beauty. Seconds later, all went dark. The sun was totally eclipsed. It's the end of the eclipse at 7.2am. From the position at the rooftop of a hotel at Assi ghat, i can see hundreds of bathers still swarming in for a dip in the Ganga. The most expected areas Taregana, Patna, Sasaram  all missed the totality to clouds, except for Sasaram where it was visible for 10 seconds. I guess, I am incredibly lucky to have seen the sight of century. I've attached some of its images...enjoy

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