Saturday, July 18, 2009


Times Of India yesterday shamelessly published a news saying Vinod Kambli in a TV interview said Sachin let him down when he could have helped him to make a comeback to the Indian team.This made a huge headlines and worst reality show is that no one even confirmed the news and this is shameful from a national media because the truth is it was a and Vinod Kambli was asked some questions and he was connected to lie detector and the lie detector showed that he answered negatively for those questions asked by the particular reporter.Now this is ridiculous.Because the lie detector narco analysis is just to frighten criminals but they have not cracked a single case including the Abdul Karim Telgi stamp paper scam.So its just a gimmick and if this finds a place in national newspaper I am afraid there is no need for media.

There can't be a humble person than Kambli and he has every right to file a defamation suit against all people who shamelessly tarnished him and trying to create ripples between one of the natural pairs in Indian cricketing history.Forget all these is this the way you treat a national icon like Sachin by accusing a friend as a traitor.

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